BBC & Carol Thatcher – “Gollygate” – or “a storm in a jam-jar”

How dare the BBC dismiss Carol Thatcher for a remark she made in a private conversation?

Equally, how dare the BBC continue to employ Jonathon Ross after he deliberately made far more offensive remarks and broadcast them?

As a child of the 60’s, to me a Golliwog is the cuddly toy that sat on the chair in my bedroom, and it is the china figurines that I collected, distinguished by their curly hair and large eyes… as a child I saw no racial overtones. I had cuddly toys in green, blue, yellow and pink. Whilst the word may have acquired other connotations in modern society, the fact remains that it was once a word used in everyday conversation.

On the other hand, Ross’s comments to Andrew Sachs could never be anything other than offensive. “I’ve had your daughter” has never been used in polite conversation in any age.

To add further incredulity to an already ridiculous situation, the BBC broadcast Ross’s foul tirade.

Clearly the reason behind the decision to forgive Ross is his audience figures – so the days when the BBC had principles are sadly over.

I’ve already sent a complaint to the BBC – and I’m tempted to go and retune all the TVs in my hire vans so they can only get ITV!

The Director General of the BBC should be nervous – there has to be a danger of a “handbagging” from Carol’s mum…….


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