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Fingers crossed….

I regularly try to solve the Times Sudoku puzzle… and usually manage the “difficult” level in about 30 minutes.

I’ve just done today’s “Fiendish” in 10min 12seconds, so I’ve risked a £1 to enter… I might win a laptop…

Fingers crossed……..

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Local Radio phone in – part 2…

I’m sat, contemplating, in the smallest room, with the radio on. On comes the competition, again.

“Take me through the darkness to the break of the day”

I yell the answer to SO through the bathroom door… just as she yells “what’s the number?”

Lady Luck is with us. We have won another meal for 2 at Nandos. I must pop out and get a lottery ticket whilethe luck holds.

Not that we have had the first one yet…  SO has been in hospital for an Appendix removal, and is recovering, slowly (and irritably) at home. I think if the competition had beeen for a weeks’ supply of pain-killers she would have been happier.

She won’t be well enough to go on a  weekend break in Tenerife we have booked for October…. fortunately my “best mate” is free…. so a quick phone call to Thomson changed the name.

Warning. If you are the owner of a bar in Tenerife, in the Torviscas area, lay in extra stocks of San Miguel for the weekend of 12-15 October.

Another Warning. If you have a caravan, in the ******** area, be aware that your Park Manager and Park Warden will be off duty. If the drains block up, or the power goes off, you’re on your own. Sorry.

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The voucher has come… we’ve won a meal for 2 at “Nando’s”

I’ll report after I’ve eaten……………….

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Local Radio phone-in

As I was waking gradually becoming conscious this morning, there was a phone-in on the local radio station.

What song has the lyrics “I guess you’ll say what” ?

Having worked hard the last couple of days wasted time in the office putting cds on my iPod, I was well aware of the answer and SO (= Significant Other) duly telephoned the radio station.

Well, actually she first telephoned a couple of wrong numbers, and then phoned the radio station. So if you were woken this morning with someone shouting “I’ve got the answer” in your ear, then I’m sorry.

Usually you phone in the answer, and they give you a name check. No prize. For some reason, this time they asked for our phone number. 10 minutes later, she’s live on the radio (I’m half conscious on the loo) and we’ve won a meal for 2.

No… I’m not telling you the answer. Put it on the replies, and I’ll let you know.  No meal for 2… but I might post a bag of wine gums… unless I eat them before…

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Back to the coalface

Well, I am back and rested. And I needed the rest.

The Sunday just before I went away was the date for our annual BBQ party. In previous years, I have been responsible to cooking burning cremating the food but no longer. Because last year was our 40th anniversary, I booked a caterer to do a Hog Roast, which went down very well, and a number of people asked if we were doing the same this year.

When I replied that I would be BBQing, there was a silence. A long silence. A pregnant silence. A very pregnant, about to give birth, silence.

The following day I was visited by several caravan owners who volunteered to run the BBQ between themselves. Bribery, in the form of promises of home made marinades, was mentioned. It seems my cooking is so bad that even after 2 years everyone remembers it, and will even volunteer rather than let me do it.

Last year, again as a one-off because of the 40th, we booked a singer for the evening. This year we had settled on Karaoke. I’d already bought the Karaoke machine for £99 on eBay… and then bought the amplifier, speakers, CD decks, mixer, discs, cases, stands etc for what probably added up to another £990…. so I was DJ for the evening.

Last time I DJ’d was in 1979 when I worked at Pontins… records had grooves, YMCA was a party dance not a gay anthem, Debbie Harry was sexy, Boy George was still a boy and Michael Jackson was still black! Understandably I was a little rusty and there were occasional “errors” when I faded to a disc that wasn’t actually there… but all had a great time.

After all, any excuse for me to buy a new toy and play music really loud…….. the stereo in my car is good, but it’s not as good as a system that won’t even fit in the boot of the car!

After packing away on Monday morning, with hangover, it was time for holiday, so I didn’t get a chance to post. I was very happy, however, when I was on Ocean Village, to note that their DJ console was a cheaper model with less features than mine!

OK, I know… boys and toys…

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