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The customer is always right – part 2

Following on from the previous post, my unhappy customer proceeded to make a formal complaint through my Trade Association. I recieved a copy of the customer complaint, and replied, making my several points, the Association then forwarded my reply, together with their comments, to the customer.

The customer has now withdrawn the complaint.

Sometimes, just sometimes, the customer is wrong – and the business is right.

It doesn’t mean that we have won – the customer is still leaving – but at least we know we have acted fairly.


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Computer Trials and Tribulations, plus Trouble with Tourists

I’ve not blogged for a while.

There is a good reason.

It’s just a very long reason.

So pour yourself a refreshing cold drink, sit back and read on. But don’t put the drink too near the computer…………

It all started when I was getting ready for a well deserved holiday. I bought an iPod shuffle, and copied a Mb’s worth of my favourites onto it.

Install updates? it asked. OK I clicked. So I got a new version of iTunes, and a copy of Safari internet browser.

I was really impressed by Safari… but because I have AOL broadband, I had to open AOL first. Of course, the inevitable happened… the computer froze. I restarted. No AOL. I restored to an earlier date. No AOL. I rang AOL. It seems like the modem settings were lost. So – reinstall modem. Sounds simple.

Where’s the driver disc? Thrown away when the office was tidied.

Where’s the AOL disc? Also thrown away when the office was tidied. And they don’t come through your door every fortnight like they used to.

Aha… I’ve got a solution. Order new laptop (with wifi) from Dell. Connect to the main Caravan Park internet system (cost £5000 two years ago – transmits wi-fi to every caravan). Save paying AOL for a second broadband service (we have 2 phone lines in the office).

New laptop came on Monday. I started work. Two apartment bookings had come in over the internet, so I had to send confirmation emails etc.

That’s when I felt I had earned a refreshing cold drink.

However, my new laptop must also have been thirsty.

Note to self – New laptop + 7-up + ice = laptop with very sticky keys.

Second note to self – do not try to mop up spilt lemonade with paper towel between keys because keys come off.

The keys on the right still work OK, but QWEASDZX and C stick down and TAB, CAPS LOCK, SHIFT & CTRL aren’t there any more. Typing words is very, very slow.

I’ve spent today moving everything about in my office, so I have somewhere to put a drink where it’s below the surfaces where the expensive stuff is. So next time, all I’ll get is a wet knee.

And the two apartment bookings (two couples travelling together) have since cancelled – they’d clicked the wrong dates, and the dates they wanted aren’t available.

I’m off to Currys tonight… I wonder if they have waterproof laptops……


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