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Childrens’ TV

Remember the Magic Roundabout?  But do you remember Jasper Carrott’s version?

It was side 2 of “Funky Moped” – it made us laugh 30 years ago. Question is – can it stand the test of time?

I found it on YouTube – have a listen.


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A Cloud Over Road Safety

It appears that last year was the best ever year for road safety. In particular, there has been a 20% reduction in accidents involving child pedestrians.

No doubt there will be those who are shouting “Hurray for the speed cameras” – but let’s think it through properly.

What kind of weather did we get last year? Quite a poor summer, wasn’t it? Lots of rain? The kind of rain that makes kids stay inside and watch tv or play on their Nintendo?

Maybe the real statistic is that 20% less children were outside……

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Launch of new 2009 caravan models

We can announce the launch of a completely new range of hand built caravans, ready for the 2009 season.

The new range are designed to merge with a rural setting and are handbuilt from 100% recycled materials.

Here is a photo of the prototype.


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Computer Helpline

Ever wondered why the computer helpline staff can’t really help?

Well, this is how they do their wiring in India.

So if the wiring behind your computer looks a bit like this, you’re phoning the right people. Otherwise, you’ve got problems.

When I get a computer problem, I find it is easiest to do this.

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