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A week off

In case you wonder why I’m not around…

Back in a week!

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Crime and Punishment

In Greece, the police deal with minor crime completely differently.

No courts, no legal aid, no probation service, no “gentle smack on the wrist”, no magistrates, no.


None of those.

A kind of “home made” justice is used in the case of these two Albanian bag-snatchers, where the police make the miscreants beat each other up.  Allegedly.

I do hope it’s true……

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Call a spade a d**n p*****m

My back is killing me.

I’ve finally (6pm) sat down.

Ouch. Ouch! Bl***y ouch! Ouch!

However… the power fault is repaired.

Regular readers will remember a posting about water problems at the end of February, where Alan had put his spade through a water main.

The old water main. A couple of weeks ago, a new water main was installed.

Guess what?

Yes, you guessed right.

Whilst digging for the new water main, some   *&#&?&$£!&*#  has dug straight through the electric cables. Not all the way through, though. Not enough to blow the end off his spade. No. Just enough damage for moisture to gradually penetrate the damaged cable, and burn through, after we had paid the bill for installing the water main.

As soon as the cable was pulled out of the ground, the smell of burnt pvc was obvious.

So… new armoured cable installed, and I’ve been laid on the ground making waterproof connections for the last couple of hours.



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Later that night

I’ve just finished enjoying a great curry and a few pints of Kingfisher at our local Indian restaurant, and I am sitting with the owner enjoying a (large) benedictine whilst we discuss the relative merits of his BMW and my Merc.

Parked outside is my wife’s Hyundai… she’s the one who’s driving. My mobile phone rings. It’s the Site Warden.

We’ve got a caravan in “Cedar” field with no power.

The fault we have had blacked out 14 caravans in “Birch” field, but “Cedar” is on a different circuit.

Mmmmmmm. Puzzling. And my thought processes are hampered by the refreshments I previously mentioned .

Back at the caravan park, I find the solution… we ran an extension cable from that pitch to supply some of the caravans that were blacked out, but we didn’t plug that caravan back in!

Celebrating the successful solution to the problem saw management sitting in the office till 3am, drinking gallons of black coffee and singing (slightly slurred, perhaps) on the karaoke machine.

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A late night.

It’s 8.55pm. I’m just leaving for the day.


And hungry.

Very late.

 Quite hungry.

The reason is that at 2pm today there was a loud bang and the power to 14 caravans went off. The fault is on an underground cable that was installed just 3 years ago.

Since 2pm we have been racing around buying extension leads like crazy (so good for B&Q’s profits… 14 leads at £20 each) and we have rigged up a temporary supply to the affected caravans.

Enough supply to run a couple of lights and the fridge, and more importantly watch tv.

Not enough to boil kettles or run hairdryers, but hey – a bit of power is better than none at all.

We can get some new armoured cable on monday morning when the trade counter opens, and it will be interesting to find out why the new cable failed so soon.

Original cables in 1975, lasted till 2003.

New cables in 2003, lasted till 2007.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

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There’s lots of calls for YouTube to be closed down, and I think it would be a pity. While I agree that it is opn to misuse, it is also a valuable resource.

I am in the middle of practising Karaoke singing, ready for our annual BBQ next Sunday, and it is great to be able to call up a video of the original artist performing the number.

Not that I (or DW, for that matter) have the legs to imitate Tina Turner, but did you know that “Simply The Best” was originally recorded by Bonnie Tyler?

Wikipedia… another great web site… there’s all sorts of information in there.

So a quick search of You Tube brings up a video of Bonnie Tyler singing the same song. Great to listen to, and to watch.

Do you remember 80’s hair? Big, BIG HAIR! was the word! If you don’t remember, just have a look on YouTube.

In the meantime, I must get back to Tom Jones.

The old town looks the same-ah as I step down from the train-ah …..

No… I don’t look like him, and I can’t move (or sing) like him either.

Karaoke… if you’re good, it’s good. If you’re bad, it’s better!

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Diff’rent Strokes

Looking at my blog stats, I found that some readers have come from the “Night Warden” blog.

I’ve had a read… and my goodness! What a contrast!

The problems on his (mainly tents?) site seem to revolve mainly around drunken-ness, antisocial behaviour, noise and cleaning toilets.

All we have is flower beds that need weeding, lawns that need cutting, and all the caravans have their own toilets, so there is only the staff loo to clean.

Thank goodness for our customers… all couples over 40… no kids… no noise… no problems… I’ll never moan about them again!

(at least till the next time)

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Back to work

I’ve spent a few weeks in the sun, but now I am back to the daily grind. Everyone thinks the summer is the busy period for us, but they would be wrong.

It’s quite a boring time of year, really, because all we are doing is serving customers and cutting the grass. Nothing of note has happened, hence the lack of postings recently.

We’ve spent a week erecting a steel garage… 4 men, 4 days… there were so many screws and bolts I thought it would never be completed. This is phase 1 of our storage / workshop area, phase 2 will involve a large steel cage to provide secure storage for gas cylinders.

Since the Glasgow Airport attack, we have been inundated with letters from Calor Gas, firstly pointing out that their cylinders have safety valves to stop them exploding in a fire, and then advising us that we should revise our storage arrangements to prevent the cylinders being stolen to be used in a car bomb, in which, of course, the safety valve will prevent an explosion anyway…….

Well, we thought that it was a good opportunity to relocate the gas storage and free up some space by the office and laundry which could become a nice decked balcony. And by relocating the main store / workshop (or, probably more accurately, “garage / junk collection”) we can extend the offices too.

The plumbers have just finished installing the upgrade to our water distribution pipes, and it seems that the low pressure we have had from time to time might hopefully be but a distant memory… fingers are crossed.

However, the plumbers did not dig through any cables, the lads building the garage did not let it collapse on their heads, I did not get kicked off the plane on my way home, so I haven’t had any inspiration to write anything.

Slapped wrists. Bad boy. I must blog more often.

Write 100 lines.

I must blog more often. I must blog more often. I must blog more often. I must blog more often. I must blog more often. I must blog more often. I must blog more often. I must blog more often. I must blog more often. I must blog more often. I must blog more often. I must blog more often. I must blog more often. I must blog more often. I must blog more often. I must blog more often. I must blog more often. I must blog more often. I must blog more often. I must blog more often.

Hey, doesn’t “copy & paste” make 100 lines quick? Wish they’d had PCs when I was at school………

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