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The girl’s still got it!

It’s11.50. Well, actually it’s 4.50 am in the UK,but it’s still 11.50pm yesterday, here in Orlando. We’ve just got back to our hotel room after the concert.

Tina had not performed since 2000, until Oprah Winfrey persuaded her to come on her show with Beyonce. Later, at an awards ceremony, Tina performed for a few minutes.

Apparently, Tina was still unsure abut performing again, until she was persuaded to do so by her neighbour, Sophia Loren.

She hasn’t changed a bit.

She still strutted about the stage, she still belted out the songs, she still sounded as good, she still looked as good.

It’s hard to believe she’s 68. She moved like the dancers who were 1/3 her age. She was clearly bouncing from the crowd’s applause, and it appeared that she was delighted about the results of the US presidential election.

What a concert! We’re going again when Tina visits Manchester next year, near the end of the tour. All I cansay is….

Next time- don’t leave it so long, girl!

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