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A Non-event

Easter has been and gone.

Perhaps you noticed. Probably not, though.

It was more of a non-event than the Eclipse and the Millennium Bug put together.

Not a single booking in the rental accommodation. Not one. Not even an enquiry.

Apparently, the date for Easter is set by the moon’s phase. That’s why it was so early. Because the Church says so. And they must be right.

So how come Christmas is always on December 25th? After all, if I remember right, Jesus was born before He was crucified… so if calendars are good enough for His birthday, why is the date of Easter still calculated by the phase of the moon?

Everyone’s still paying off their credit cards after Christmas, and it’s pretty cold, too. So, a bad start to the year for most people in the UK tourism industry.

Must go – quiz night starts in an hour and I need to open the bar.

Question One – Why was Easter so bl***y early?

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