Hayley Adamson R.I.P.

I understand that the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

I understand that the Police prioritise attending a racial comment in an email ofer a serious RTA and even an assault.

I understand that a husband who is deliberately and regularly unfaithful to his wife in direct breach of the marriage vows he made before his Creator faces no criticism from society.

I understand also, that the faithful husband of 24 years, who, while his wife is asleep in another room, throws and smashes a cup in the privacy of his own home, faces being handcuffed, dragged from his home by 3 officers, slammed in a van, locked in a cell where cctv observs his every movement, including observing closely, and full-frontally, when he uses the lavatory. In the morning, he is then handcuffed again, thrown into a van where he has to endure a long journey of sharp bends and even sharper braking, followed by a scary motorway journey swerving between lanes 2 and 3, observing lorries just inches from the small side window he can see out, with his life in the hands of a clearly careless driver, and sitting surrounded by hard steel walls, without the benefit of a seatbelt. Despite his disabilities, he is dragged up and down several flights of stairs at the Magistrates Court, before being sent to the dock, without being granted access to legal advice, to be addressed by magistrates who take no account of his hearing difficulty.

I know this, because I threw that cup. I am not proud of doing so. However, I did not hit anyone (either with or without the cup. Nobody was even nearby. The coffee splash will paint over, if it won’t wash off with a damp cloth. Another cup can be bought. Tesco do them at £5 for 4.

The scars of the experience at the hands of our Police “service” will not heal.

I was going to make a big issue of the matter. I was quite happy to contemplate spending my savings on Lawyer fees, and pursuing the case to the European Court of Human Rights. Then I clicked onto Inspector Gadget’s blog, and read the following.

I hope that IG will forgive me copying and pasting it here – I thought of posting a link, but I think it is important that everyone who visits my blog reads it, and I know many links just don’t get clicked.

Just read what Northumbria Police have done. What they have done to the parents of a dead girl. The parents of a dead girl who was killed by one of Northumbria Police’s cars, speeding. One of their cars, speeding, without lights or siren.

We are told that emergency services drivers are trained to a higher standard. Well, the standard they are trained to is clearly not high enough. Perhaps Nortuumbria Police ought to take notice of the advertisements “Speed Kills”.

But it is not the fact that this girl died at the hands of a Police driver that is the point. No doubt the driver is still having sleepless nights. No doubt his scars will also not heal. But what about the scars that Hayley’s parents bear?

They will never heal. What parent could face burying their child without being scarred for life. Not burying their child due to a tragic illness. Not burying their child through simple misfortune. But burying their child after that child was killed by the very organisation that is supposed to exist to protect life and property.

The scars the Hayley’s parents bear run deep. Now, the very organisation responsible for Hayley’s death has taken a knife to reopen those scars, and cut them deeper. And they have won an award for doing so.

Deputy Chief Constable of Northumbria Police, Sue Sim, applied for an award to praise her handling of the media in connection with this incident.

Sue Sim should hang her head in shame. In fact, she should resign from her post in shame.

I bet Sue Sim doesn’t have sleepless nights.

I don’t know how she can live with herself.

I guess it is because she has never done anything as shameful as throwing a cup.

What I absolutely, completely, utterly cannot understand is how she could contemplate applying for an award for anything connected with causing someone’s death.

Read on………………………………..

………. I read about Northumbria Police and their Deputy Chief Constable, Sue Sim.

And about how they nominated themselves and won a public relations award for the way they handled the media after the tragedy of a schoolgirl knocked down and killed by a speeding patrol car.

The family of Hayley Adamson, 16, have reacted with anger that Northumbria Police put themselves forward for the prize after the horrifying smash.

Hayley, 16, was killed when a speeding patrol car with no blue light or sirens on smashed into her in May 2008. The driver, PC John Dougal, was jailed for three years after being convicted of driving at 94 mph moments before he ploughed into her in the late-night tragedy.

Hayley’s mother Yvonne Adamson, branded the move as ‘sick’. Mrs Adamson said:

“It’s a complete joke. I can’t believe they have nominated themselves for the award. ‘What about all the complaints that were put in against them when it happened? ‘Life is truly hell. This is an insult to her memory. Tomorrow would have been Hayley’s 18th birthday. ‘It’s just a massive shock. It couldn’t have come at a worse time for the family.”

Hayley’s sister Sarah Ridley, 33, of Scotswood, said:

“It makes me sick. Hayley is killed and they get an award for it. ‘The news comes at a time when it’s her birthday. Part of me thinks they have done this on purpose.”

In my view, the Deputy Chief should have been round to the house in sackcloth on bended knee, apologising in person for such a crass move. Instead, she said:

“Following the tragic death of Hayley, police officers and staff were involved in minimising inappropriate, speculative or inaccurate reporting, working with the family to try to limit the impact of constant harassment of the family by the media, and reassuring the local community”

How have we arrived at a place where a basic service recovery job with the media, after a fatal POLAC, where one of our officers has effectively killed a young girl for no reason, becomes something we need to be rewarded for, while the family grieve alone? This story says everything about how today’s senior police officers see themselves, what they regard as success (i.e. in how they dealt with the media story) and more importantly, what they really think about “Citizen Focus“.

Can you imagine Stockport Council, nominating themselves for an award for how they handled the media over the death of 11-year-old Sam Linton at Offerton High School? It’s unthinkable. Why then, do we do it? Apart from an almost pathological desire to squeeze any kind of praise from even the most appalling mess up, I really cannot fathom the answer.

While they keep behaving like that, I will keep writing this, even if it means It all goes horribly wrong for me one day. And in the meantime, for all those members of the public reading, as a police officer, I am personally very sorry for what happened to Hayley, and for the crass actions taken afterwards.

(Hangs head in shame and walks away……………)


I was ashamed about throwing a cup. I was going to keep my shame private.

But the shame that Sue Sim should feel for her actions is so incredibly immense that I will speak out.

Inspector Gadget speaks out regularly. Read his blog. There’s a link on the sidebar.

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    That is absolutely disgusting! Both what happened to you and to that young girl and her family. How on earth can they even think about being rewarded for that?

  2. 2

    Wow, tears in my eyes. I just cannot believe how things are.. I am so sorry for those things. people should be more careful. All the best. Lav.

  3. 3

    […] Hayley Adamson R.I.P. March 20102 comments 5 […]

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