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Me too.

It’s vebrrrrrrrrrrrrrry cold. Very cold. We’ve been spbrrrrrrrrrrreading spreading the salt on the brrrrrrrrrroad and the path. Yes – the local brrrrrrrruilders builders merchants had some grit salt left. We took ten bags.

I need to be somewhere hot. Drinking something cold.

Going by this advert hoarding, Thailand looks good…………

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Fingers crossed

Still chasing the rock salt we ordered on 23rd December. Apparently, it has spent the last 2 days languishing in the City Link warehouse in Coventry.

Just telephoned a local builders merchants. “I don’t suppose you’ve got any rock salt” I say. “We’ve just got 30 tons in this morning” she replies, “but it’s going fast”.

They are 10 minutes away – normally – down country lanes. Staff have been despatched to get a few bags. By my calculations, one 25kg bag is enough to do our roadway and the paths by the office buildings. Hopefully there will be a few bags left when we get there.

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Spot the difference

On the right, what we wish. On the left, what we get.

Stop Press: still no sign of my salt.

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It’s Snow joke

We are covered in snow again.

We don’t normally suffer with snow – we are too near the coast. Usually we get a smattering that stays for a day or so.

Not this year. Apparently it’s officially the worst winter for 20 years……

I ordered 375 kg of rock salt and two grit-spreaders before Christmas. The spreaders have arrived, but the rock salt?

Not a bit. None at all. Not even enough to cover a plate of chips.

No doubt it will arrive after the snow clears. And then we will have 20 years of mild winters.

In the meantime, that’s £1000 spent…..

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