Pirate Radio

Recently, I’ve been reading, and enjoying, a blog by a Magistrate called Stan.

He is at http://radiofreestan.blogspot.com/

The most recent post amused me… but it makes sense. It is quoted below, but please bookmark Stan’s blog – it’s always well worth reading.


Better the Doofus you Know

The hero of Stephen Fry’s book “Making History” sends a male contraceptive pill back in time and makes Adolf Hitler’s dad infertile. The theory was that by making sure Adolf Hitler never existed, millions of people would be spared the mayhem of war and holocaust that he caused.

What then happened though was that a different, less mad, more able man led the Nazis to victory in Europe in the 1940’s and on to a lasting world domination that changed our hero’s past and present very much for the worse.

I was reminded of this when I read about the government banning the organisation Islam4UK.

I actually wish they hadn’t done this – Islam4UK’s actions and opinions are monstrous, but they are almost comically incompetent and impotent. They have zero PR ability and are led by a failed medical student who supports his family on State Benefits. The man is so dim that he fails to see the contradiction involved in taking money from a State that he doesn’t want anything to do with.

Can you imagine a situation where instead of this bunch of stroppy mammy’s boys, an extreme Islamic organisation was formed that was led by someone of more substance. Imagine a man (not a woman, infidel) who was filled with something more than just lazy hatred and ambition. Imagine someone capable of building an organisation that was intelligent, well-funded, coherent and media-savvy.


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