We’ve just added 3 more rental units… giving us the grand total of 8 !

Now, because we’re only small, we don’t have a contract laundry supplying bedding and towels. Instead, we buy from local retailers. This is where the problem starts. 6 double bed sets and 14 single bed sets of quilt covers, sheets, pillowcases, quilts, pillows, and all the towels and so forth are needed. Ideally we will have them all the same colour…. while the units are decorated individually and it would be nice to color-code the bedding to each unit, it’s easier to have everything in a neutral colour.

Our first three units have got brown and cream bedding. Now, it doesn’t matter if they are not interchangeable with the others. Everything else has cream bedding or white bedding. As long as the collars and cuffs match………..

So far, we have opened one unit at a time, so we have not had too much trouble getting enough bedding. But trying to kit out three units… two units with a double and two singles, one unit with a double and four singles, has tried my patience.

The shop has next to no stock of my colours, so I go to their web site. Everything shows as available…. great! However, as soon as I start with “10 of these, 6 of those” etc, etc, we hit problems. Not immediately, only when I go to checkout. Then it says some items are out of stock.

Does it tell me how many they have? No. So I have to keep changing my order quantities to get the order through. And the web site has a couple of links down, so I have to go through the whole menu, Household > Bedroom > Bedding > Sheets > for every item.

Well, I started 2 hours ago, and the order is finally sent. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

(“Grrrrargos refers to the web site”, but they’ll always be to me from today onwards.)


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