Happy Birthday!

Yes – the Boeing 747 is 40 years old. Probably the most distinctive-looking aircraft at the moment – while every other 7-something-7 and airbus looks pretty much the same, the Jumbo’s distinctive hump makes it easy to spot.

Last month I flew to Miami on a British Airways 747 – and a big “thank-you” goes to the “upgrade fairy” who waived her magic wand and got us upgraded to World Traveller Plus… that’s one up from economy or “sardine” class. A slightly bigger seat made all the difference – but it made us notice the difference on the return leg – cramped middle seats on an American Airlines 777.

Still – the return journey only took just over 6 hours – we had a tail wind of over 150 mph – so our ground speed was actually supersonic – just.

Off to Miami again next month…. British Airways again for the outbound flight…. so…. pleeeeeease can we have an upgrade again ?????

Return flight is with Virgin Atlantic – I’ve never flown with them in the 25 years they’ve been operating – I’ve heard good, and I’ve heard bad. I guess it’s the luck of the draw – with any airline you get good flights and bad flights.

Anyway – all together –

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Boeing 747 Jumbo
Happy Birthday to you


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