Train journey

An American boards an intercity train in London to travel up to Scotland. The train is very full and he wanders up and down the tain looking for a seat. Eventually he finds a seat next to an old lady occupied by a miniature poodle.

“Ma’am,” says the American, “There are no spare seats on this train, would you please move your dog.”

“Certainly not, young man. I’ve paid for this seat so that my little Fifi can travel in comfort. You’ll just have to stand.”

“Ma’am, I really must insist. You’ll have to put the dog on your lap. I need to sit down.”

“Young man, I’ve told you. My Fifi is not moving from her seat. You’ll just have to stand.”

The American has had enough. He picks up Fifi, opens a window and throws the dog out of the train.

At this point an elderly gentleman puts down his copy of the Times, and says, “That’s the trouble with you Americans: you drive on the wrong side of the road, hold your fork in the wrong hand, can’t pronounce Aluminium; and now you’ve thrown the wrong bitch out of the train.”

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