Shortage of caravans in 2012?

In May this year 50 of the 420 staff at Explorer Group lost their jobs, with management warning more were to follow. 50 more workers have been made redundant since then and last week management said a further 19 jobs were at risk- a total of 119 jobs lost – more than one in four.

This mirrors job losses across the sector with a number of companies in the city of Hull alone – the hub of the UK’s caravan industry – already shedding more than 700 jobs this year.

Explorer profits fell from £3.3m in 2006 to £2.8m in 2007, despite demand for mobile homes to house victims of the summer‘s floods.

There has been a raft of job losses in Hull which is home to a number of major caravan companies.

The Swift Group has made almost 400 people redundant and is stopping production of the Ace and Abbey brands once existing orders have been completed.

289 jobs have been lost at Cosalt Holiday Homes which has closed down permanently. Currently the factory is being stripped of the woodworking machinery.

99 jobs have been lost at Willerby Holiday Homes.

80 jobs have been shed from Atlas Holiday Homes.

50 jobs have been shed from ABI.

European components costs have gone up as the pound fell against the euro, driving costs of Holiday Homes in an upwards direction.

My Prediction:

The loss of over 1000 skilled workers, and the permanent closure of the Cosalt factory, will leave the caravan industry unable to increase production in reaction to an economic upturn, and it is likely that once the economy starts to recover we may see the return of the 18-month waiting lists for new caravans that we last saw in 2004.

Source – – Dec 11, 2008.

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