A nice easy afternoon, yesterday. All arrivals were checked in by 3.00 and all was well.

Then, at 5.00, an arrival turned up. Unexpectedly. On Friday 3rd.

I checked my details. I had 2 bookings for this arrival, a “midweek break” (Mon-Fri 6th – 10th) and a “weekend break” (Fri-Mon 10th – 13th). I’d better point out that there are some web-sites in the UK that don’t sell accommodation on a nightly basis, but instead they package it into short breaks and weeks – and we deal with two of these websites.

Despite the customer having booked what amounted to 6th-13th October, she thought she’d booked 3rd to 10th October.

I found her a local hotel for the 3rd, I’ve got a room on the 4th, we need to find her a room for the 5th, then she’s with us 6th to 10th. I wasn’t at all sure who was at fault – so I suggested that we “went halves” – so I paid for the night of the 3rd, but she’s paying for the night of the 5th.

When she gets back on the 6th I’ll put a bottle of wine in the room, and I’ll give her a voucher for a couple of complimentary nights, so hopefully everyone will be happy – but my heart was beating double speed.

I just hope that I’ve been fair – I don’t believe in giving a complaining customer everything they want just to keep them quiet – but I felt guilty and the lady was very nice, despite having a 10 minute drive to the local hotel and being in a bit of a rush.

I guess I’ll know tonight how happy she is – I’ve stayed at the local hotel before, and you can be lucky and get a refurbished room, or unlucky and get a scruffy one. I phoned their front desk and explained the situation, so hopefully all will be well.

By the way – if you don’t understand the title – it’s 1940’s slang for ” F*****ed Up Beyond All Recognition” !


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