Kevin “Bloody” Wilson

Occasionally, you’re faced with a client who is just plain unreasonable. When you’re new in the leisure industry, you really take it to heart – it would always spoil my entire day.

Now, I’ve “hardened”. I know from my customer satisfaction scores that I’m doing very well. Indeed, on, I’ve achieved the maximum customer satisfaction grade – something that seems to be escaping several multi-million £ hotels in the area – who are charging more than double my prices.

So, it’s the customer who’s having a bad day. And they are taking it out on me. But while they’re talking, I’m humming a little song in my head.

A “traditional” Australian folk song.

It’s the equivalent of “am I bovvered?” – but much, much funnier.

Beware though – it’s Aussie Humour – so expect the odd “£*&%” word…….


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