I feel good!

When I started blogging my random thoughts and musings, I never thought I would get a landmark number of hits. It started because I’d enjoyed reading a number of blogs, in particular The Magistrate’s Blog, Inspector Gadget, Bus Driving and Mousie over the previous few months, and I thought I’d have a go.

It’s been a worthwhile experience – a couple of times I’ve been really “wound up” about something and after venting my feelings in cyberspace I have felt a lot better. So I’ve enjoyed writing – I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading!

I know Inspector Gadget has passed 1 million, but he has more sheep in his blog. However, I’m getting near to the 5,000 mark, and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’m not sure how I’ll celebrate when the hits pass 5,000, but it will probably involve a glass and some alcoholic liquid, probably with a frothy bit at the top.



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