Did it!

I’ve been pondering having a proper web site for months, maybe years. Up till now, I’ve pointed my url at my pages within directories of Caravan Parks, like UK Parks and Caravan Sitefinder.

Only problem is that from that page, people can navigate to pages belonging to my competitors.

I’ve enquired from firms that will build pages, but many seem very expensive. I had someone build a web site for me a year or so ago, but it was absolutely full of spelling mistakes and he couldn’t even get it hosted for me. “All I do is design ’em” was the comment. If only there was a way of building a web site as easily as building a blog page.

Well – I found it. At my local Staples store, I found a slightly tatty box on the clearance shelf called “Mr Site – Takeaway Website”. I thought… let’s have a go. It says on the box “seriously easy to use” and it really is.

Everything’s browser based, and it took me half a day to get a website of nine pages up and running. I think it looks pretty good… but that’s just me. If you want to have a look, it’s at www.breakawayuk.com .

I still need to do a bit to improve it… a few photos on the nature page, and I need to try the “advanced” mode to play with text sizes… but it is truly easy to use.

If you’ve yet to bite the bullet… I recommend Mr Site.


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    "BIG" ED said,

    I went to your web site it’s very nice. Looks like a great as we call them campgrounds or trailer Parks. Here is a link to the campgound we have our trailer at since 1979. http://greenwoodacrescampground.com/ We spend long weekends there all summer. Both Pat and I are pool attendents on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

  2. 2

    Night Warden said,

    You should have said, I’d have built you a decent site for nothing! As an aside, the image on the main page is very distorted (was it originally smaller?), and the images on the Ownership pages could do with a javascript (when you move the mouse over them, they enlarge to a bigger size).

    Other than that, it’s very well done.

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