Fantasies Forever Finished

You know how some men have a thing about Nurses? I don’t know whether it’s the uniform or the caring attitude.

I dated a student nurse many years ago… and what I can say for certain is that she must have worked and studied very hard, as she always fell asleep in my company. I’ve always really hated needles, but it was almost worth the dog bite and the tetanus booster to meet her.

More recently, a nice Aussie nurse took a blood test from me in A&E, and she understood how nervous I was and was really gentle and reassuring.

I’ve always thought of “Mousie” (see links on sidebar) as being the same. Gentle, caring, and dedicated.

However, in her latest posting, my illusions are shattered. I always thought that if I ever needed another blood test taking, here was someone that would make it less of a traumatic ordeal. Yes, yes, I know, it’s just a needle. A Needle! A big pointy sharp needle!

Maybe it’s from the joys as a child of having the school bully insert his geometry compass in my arms and legs at regular intervals, maybe it’s from the big lump that swelled on my arm after a jab as a child, I don’t know. I’m just scared of needles. I need a nurse who is kind and understanding, and doesn’t tell fibs like “it won’t hurt”. Mousie, I thought that was you.

Make a good bouncer indeed!

Then again, anyone who treats Chavs like that is OK by me………


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