Gradually getting there.

I’ve been busy every day for the last couple of weeks, I’ve not had a minute to think about posting an update.

However… we seem to be getting there. Finally.

The bar conversion is almost complete… that’s what’s been taking up my time. Carpet, furniture, stock, lighting, heating, all done. TV screens, sound system, Karaoke machine, all working. Ice maker making ice, fridge chilling beers, glasses clean and racked. Just need to put up the smoke alarms and emergency lights. Oh… and wait for the licence to come in the post… Planned opening is 20th March, so I have 4 weeks plus. Plenty of time… relax… breathe deeply…

Our handyman is due back from holiday… and there’s a full list of jobs waiting for him. There’s a (small) leak in the flat roof over one of the holiday apartments – leaving a nasty mark on the bedroom ceiling – so that needs attending to.

Electrical jobs outstanding (that’s my list) include finishing the centre apartment (1 day) new supply for 4 caravans (2 days), repairing the broken supply post that the siting crew broke (1 day) and finishing the smoke alarms / emergency lights in the bar (1 day). Add some paperwork and the monthly payroll & billing, and that will keep me busy until we reopen on 1st March.

Still waiting for the Tarmac to be laid… the main entrance road is in need of resurfacing… they have promised to come on 25th February… that’s cutting it fine, but they are a well established, reliable, local firm, so I can relax and trust that the job will be done.








Ahhhhhhh…… that’s better.

Maybe if I promise to open the bar for them when they’re done…….


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