Light at the end of the tunnel

At last – a day without siting crews.

All caravans are on their bases, all are “jacked & blocked” (supported on solid blocks under the axle, and screw jacks midway between axle and corner steadies) and all the new ones have had their PDI (Post Delivery Inspection – required within 72 hours of the caravan leaving the factory) check.

There’s been far less defects noted than last year… so either Quality Control at the factories is getting better, or the PDI inspector hasn’t been quite so thorough. I can’t believe the factories are improving so much… but I have known the PDI inspector for a few years, and he’s good at his job. Maybe we’ve been lucky this year and not got any “friday afternoon” caravans…

We’ve got to replace a dozen or so broken flags, and there’s a lot of lawn with tyre tracks that needs levelling, but considering how bad things looked a couple of weeks ago, I’m surprised that it’s not worse.

There’s one lamp post to put back, and a broken electricity supply box to replace, and then we can do the annual electrical safety checks.

The tree surgeons have finished… high winds slowed down their job by a few days, but despite struggling with bad weather they have done a very nice job and left the place neat and tidy… we’ll certainly use them again.

Conversion of the old store building into a new lounge bar is now in progress… so it’s freezing in my office because the reception wall has been knocked through…

The chairs, tables, bar stools, drinks cooler and the bar counter have been delivered, and are currently being stored in the health suite… so we can’t nip for a crafty half hour in the hot tub after work…

I’ve changed my mind about the location of the chairs & tables (twice) the bar counter (twice) the big plasma television (three times), the small karaoke television (more times than I can remember), the dart board (four times) the aircon (once… a personal best) and the speakers for the sound system (at least twice) and I’ve just ordered a shelving unit from Ikea for the rear of the bar. All chrome and white, it should look good against a black wall.

All the holes have now been cut for the sunken ceiling lights, so the positions of things can’t be changed any more. That will be a relief for all the staff… as soon as I tell them where something’s going they start a sweepstake on how long it will be before it gets changed.

They say I’m indecisive… I say that I constantly review decisions.


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