We are sailing… we are sailing…


The rain is incessant. We have two caravans partially sited, sinking into wet ground.

Even when they are lifted back, using techniques disturbingly close to those mentioned in the previous post, they sink again within a few metres of movement.

Siting operations have been abandoned. We’ll try again in a couple of weeks. So we’re eating into the non-existent time allowance… things MUST be ready for 1st March.

Next week the tree surgeons will be doing their job. I won’t be here to see it though… there are suitcases, passports and tickets waiting at home… and we’re off to the airport this afternoon.

The BA shuttle to Heathrow, and then a long transatlantic flight to Miami. A night in an airport hotel to catch up on sleep, then a week cruising the Caribbean. The (library) photo shows our ship leaving Port Everglades, Florida. Our cabin is the balcony one deck down from top, about 30 rooms from the back. Boy am I ready for this break. A week with no stress, filled with hot sunshine, cool beer, warm seas, hot tubs, and wall-to-wall service.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend a cruise holiday. If you have, I equally recommend another one.

I bet they don’t have trouble with siting caravans on wet ground in the Caribbean…


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