Dig deep

No. This post is not about people digging through electric cables. Or water pipes. It’s much more serious.

Click on http://www.jackbrownappeal.org/index.asp 

The Jack Brown Appeal

Jack Brown, 5, is suffering from a rare childhood cancer, neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a solid tumour cancer which spreads rapidly. Recurrence after treatment is currently considered non-curative in the UK.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of friends, family, the general public and the Met Police, Jack was able to undergo the first stages of antibody treatment to fight recurrence.

On 27th November, Jack started complaining of severe head pains. CT scans revealed a tumour in his brain, 2.5 inches in size.The brain is the only part of the body the antibody treatment cannot reach, indicating Jack’s original treatment was successful within its scope. This relapse is considered non curative except at Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Centre in New York. MSK has developed a range of options including liquid radiation directly to the NB cells in the relapsed area; this has been shown to be 100% effective. All 10 patients treated in the same way over the past three years have remained disease free; this is very significant. When a parent is about to lose their child, these statistics are vitally important.

A further $750,000 is urgently needed to complete this treatment.There is currently no UK government funding for this treatment, so this is the only hope for Jack and his family.


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    Melissa said,

    I read your post with some trepidation: my 6-yr-old son, Max, has recurred nueroblastoma (NB) and has been battling the beast for three years. It is imperative that everyone know there is no known cure for NB – anywhere. No one, not even MSK in New York, can boast a 100% cure rate. I wish they could. We’d all have our children there for treatment in a heartbeat. Every family who’s child has NB has to make the right decision for them regarding their treatment. I wish for all the best in their treatment choices!

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