Which end bites?

I read a few Police blogs, but one I had missed until recently is Which End Bites? On one posting he asks the question….
“You are a manager who decides what resources to allocate to different ‘target’ needs. You have two specific areas that you decide you need to provide support for. The first is domestic burglaries within the metropolis. The second is a vehicle safety related issue near a major travel related centre.

The resources you have at your disposal for these ‘targets’ are as below. Dog Handlers and Traffic motorcyclists. Now I would assign the Dog Handlers to the domestic burglary ‘target’ and the Traffic Motorcyclists to the vehicle safety related issue ‘target’. To me this makes a lot of sense. What would you have done ?”

Even though I’m just a member of the public, I think I know the answer.

1. I would employ the dog handlers to deal with the vehicle safety related issue by getting them to phone the safety camera partnership asking for 3 more cameras. The dog handlers could then be privatised and contracted to a private firm collecting speeding fines.

2. The traffic motorcyclists could hand out leaflets giving “crime prevention advice” to encourage the householders to buy security equipment so any future domestic burglaries are the householder’s fault. The traffic bikers could then be privatised and employed by a private contractor acting as couriers transferring personal data between government departments.

Now that’s target-led management!


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