Procrastinate, but procrastinate NOW !

Don’t put things off till tomorrow, when with a bit more effort you can ignore them for a couple of months.

I’ve been putting off doing my annual accounts for ages… I hate doing them… so I’ve been busy doing all sort of other, less urgent, things.

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I’ve been meaning to do my annual tax return since September. Finally, on Friday, I got round to doing it. After all, if it’s not submitted by 31st January, there’s a £100 fine.

All day Friday and on Saturday morning, i sweated over a hot Spreadsheet, to produce my accounts to 31st August 2006.

All ready to give to my Accountant for submission, I looked for last year’s accounts to find his phone number. That’s when I discovered that last year’s submission was the accounts to 31st August 2004.

So what I needed was accounts to 31st August 2005. Not 2006.

A small amount of swearing later, I started looking for the supporting documents and bank statements. Strangely, they all had little check marks on them. Just like the check marks I put on similar documents yesterday, when doing accounts for the wrong year.

A short(ish) search later, I found the prepared accounts for 31.8.05 were sat in a file… it seems like I made the same mistake last year too, and put the wrong ones to one side, ready for this year.

So I have put the accounts for 31.8.06 to one side, ready for January 2008. What’s the chances I will have forgotten that I’ve already done them.


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