Breathe even deeper.

Just when you think things are organised…………

We have identified a number of trees that require attention due to a combination of age, weather damage and simply being in the way of caravans.

The tree surgeons will visit, and will prune back growth, remove damaged branches and generally look after the health of our trees.

The removed branches will then be used around the perimeter of the caravan park in a “buffer zone” to create a habitat for wildlife… helping us on our way to a David Bellamy Conservation Award. The new habitat will form a home for all sorts of small wildlife… hedgehogs, insects, etc.

The work will take 3 men 5 days. For safety, it needs to be done while there are no members of the public around. In other words, it needs to be done during the close-down.

Hopefully we will still be ready for 1st March….


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