Take a deep breath

cartoon from www.weblogcartoons.com 

January approaches, and so does the annual close-down on 7th January.

This is the time when all the heavy work takes place, and this year it will be no exception.

We have to move four caravans off their pitches, ready to resite them when the work is over.

We have to dismantle two wooden balcony decks, ready to rebuild them when the work is over.

We have to move six caravans off and have them taken away from the Caravan Park.

We have to take delivery of six new caravans, site them on concrete bases, lay paths, and connect them to mains services.

We have to resite and reconnect the four caravans that we moved out of the way earlier.

We have three weeks to do this.

Then we have to make way for the Tarmac contractors to relay our main entrance road, which currently is old, potholed, concrete.

They have one week to do this, including time for the tarmac to set.

We have to rebuild the two timber balcony decks, and repair all the lawns, paths and patios that have been damaged by moving 8 tons of caravan over them.

We have two weeks to do this.

Add a week for staff holidays, and we are left with one week spare, in case things don’t go completely to plan.

We have to be ready to reopen on 1st March.

It’s going to be tight………. stay tuned!


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