Chicken 1 – Laptop 0

Well, we had a great meal at Nando’s the other evening, but a few problems on the journey. SO has recently had her appendix removed, and things are a bit sore. We worked out the route taking the best (least bumpy) roads, and the taxi driver took us there so gently she felt fine.

 The chicken was tasty… but I “chickened out” and had the “mild” spice option. We also got a bottle of free wine… and SO can only have 1 small glass because of the antibiotics… her loss is my gain…

On the way back we had a different taxi driver and the &*%$£**&^% went full speed over 3 speed humps. Muppet.

And I didn’t win the Times Sudoko contest… so no shiny new laptop.

Phoned in to the local radio station again today… “I would take the starr right out the sky for you” but we weren’t picked. Still, we’ve got one free meal voucher to go yet…


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  1. 1

    Night Warden said,

    “I would take the starr right out the sky for you”

    “starr” as in Freddie Starr?

  2. 2

    Justt a typping errrorr

  3. 3

    Night Warden said,

    Things have gone very quiet over here… have you closed for the season?

  4. 4

    Still here. SO has been ill for the last few weeks, so my mind has not been on blogging. However, she is on the mend now.

  5. 5

    Night Warden said,

    Sorry to hear that. Hope she is back on top form soon! Pass on my regards.

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