Local Radio phone in – part 2…

I’m sat, contemplating, in the smallest room, with the radio on. On comes the competition, again.

“Take me through the darkness to the break of the day”

I yell the answer to SO through the bathroom door… just as she yells “what’s the number?”

Lady Luck is with us. We have won another meal for 2 at Nandos. I must pop out and get a lottery ticket whilethe luck holds.

Not that we have had the first one yet…  SO has been in hospital for an Appendix removal, and is recovering, slowly (and irritably) at home. I think if the competition had beeen for a weeks’ supply of pain-killers she would have been happier.

She won’t be well enough to go on a  weekend break in Tenerife we have booked for October…. fortunately my “best mate” is free…. so a quick phone call to Thomson changed the name.

Warning. If you are the owner of a bar in Tenerife, in the Torviscas area, lay in extra stocks of San Miguel for the weekend of 12-15 October.

Another Warning. If you have a caravan, in the ******** area, be aware that your Park Manager and Park Warden will be off duty. If the drains block up, or the power goes off, you’re on your own. Sorry.


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  1. 1

    This one’s easy, even I don’t need Google for this one. Who does this quiz and are you the only one who enters?
    I won tickets to see Elbow on Virgin once and was dead chuffed until I got to the gig to find out it was a charity gig and all the people there had free tickets

  2. 2

    Local radio… Dune FM.

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