Later that night

I’ve just finished enjoying a great curry and a few pints of Kingfisher at our local Indian restaurant, and I am sitting with the owner enjoying a (large) benedictine whilst we discuss the relative merits of his BMW and my Merc.

Parked outside is my wife’s Hyundai… she’s the one who’s driving. My mobile phone rings. It’s the Site Warden.

We’ve got a caravan in “Cedar” field with no power.

The fault we have had blacked out 14 caravans in “Birch” field, but “Cedar” is on a different circuit.

Mmmmmmm. Puzzling. And my thought processes are hampered by the refreshments I previously mentioned .

Back at the caravan park, I find the solution… we ran an extension cable from that pitch to supply some of the caravans that were blacked out, but we didn’t plug that caravan back in!

Celebrating the successful solution to the problem saw management sitting in the office till 3am, drinking gallons of black coffee and singing (slightly slurred, perhaps) on the karaoke machine.


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