Call a spade a d**n p*****m

My back is killing me.

I’ve finally (6pm) sat down.

Ouch. Ouch! Bl***y ouch! Ouch!

However… the power fault is repaired.

Regular readers will remember a posting about water problems at the end of February, where Alan had put his spade through a water main.

The old water main. A couple of weeks ago, a new water main was installed.

Guess what?

Yes, you guessed right.

Whilst digging for the new water main, some   *&#&?&$£!&*#  has dug straight through the electric cables. Not all the way through, though. Not enough to blow the end off his spade. No. Just enough damage for moisture to gradually penetrate the damaged cable, and burn through, after we had paid the bill for installing the water main.

As soon as the cable was pulled out of the ground, the smell of burnt pvc was obvious.

So… new armoured cable installed, and I’ve been laid on the ground making waterproof connections for the last couple of hours.



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