Diff’rent Strokes

Looking at my blog stats, I found that some readers have come from the “Night Warden” blog.


I’ve had a read… and my goodness! What a contrast!

The problems on his (mainly tents?) site seem to revolve mainly around drunken-ness, antisocial behaviour, noise and cleaning toilets.

All we have is flower beds that need weeding, lawns that need cutting, and all the caravans have their own toilets, so there is only the staff loo to clean.

Thank goodness for our customers… all couples over 40… no kids… no noise… no problems… I’ll never moan about them again!

(at least till the next time)


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  1. 1

    Night Warden said,

    Just thought I’d point out a few things! The site has 8(ish) fields (4 tents + 4 caravan/motorhome). It’s not all about drunkards and asbos, in fact that type of behaviour is discouraged from the moment they book in. Inevitably there are a few that slip through the net.

  2. 2

    Hi NW!

    Point taken…. of course there is more to the job and it’s nice to hear the heart-warming stories too.

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