Is it a bird ?????

Although I live and work in the countryside, I don’t have much idea about identifying flora and fauna.

At junior school I remember being the butt of some amusement because I couldn’t tell a lettuce from a cauliflower. Well… they are both green and round… and bigger than a sprout.

My nature knowledge has consisted of the following.

If it’s green and flat…… it’s a lawn

If it’s green and round……. it’s a bush

If it’s green, round and on a stick……. it’s a tree.

If it flies…. it’s probably a bird. Or a plane.

However, I have to produce an “interpretation guide” to inform visitors about nature on and around the Caravan Park.

I put it off as long as possible, then, last night, inspiration struck. It might have been the “brain oil”…. a few pints of San Miguel …. but I knew how to do it. And this lunchtime, it is printed and in Reception.

My inspiration was simply to ask a few people what things were called…. make a list…. look them up in Wikipedia…. then print the (edited for length) results.


The Conservation Foundation inspect us this month, for the David Bellamy Conservation Awards. Last time we were inspected, 4 years ago, we scored high Bronze…. here’s hoping for a Silver!

OK…. OK…. Here’s hoping for a GOLD !!!!

But I’ll settle for a silver…. it still means we have made some progress.


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