Who wants to be a Terrorist?

And now, Osama, we are playing for the £250,000 question. How do you blow up Glasgow Airport?

Do you A……. Study explosives in depth on the internet, buy some plastic explosive from an Eastern European source, build an electronic fuse, add tamper-proof circuits and build the bomb into an innocuous item, like a fire extinguisher, then leave it in the middle of a check-in hall at a crowded time………

 Do you B……. Use your middle-east connections to contact an experienced Mercenary to do the job for you………

Do you C…….. Raid an army store, pack explosives into a large van, crash it through the doors into the building and then trigger the explosion……..

Or do you D…… Buy some calor gas from B&Q, strike a match and hope for the best, to succeed only in burning yourself half to death, while having the s&^% kicked out of you by a few Glaswegians…….

Do you want to phone a friend…… Oh no….. I forgot…… you haven’t got any friends.

Millions of bombs were dropped on Britain by experts, day in, day out, during WW2. We did not surrender to Germany then, and we will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER surrender to Al Quaida, now or in the future.


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