Bon Voyage!

As summer approaches, many of us will be jetting off for our holidays. What most of us don’t know would scare us.

From “Ask the Pilot” (see link on sidebar)

……………most of the public is unaware that thousands of contract airport workers around the country — the caterers, cabin cleaners, fuelers and cargo loaders who service the nation’s airlines — are subject only to occasional random screenings when they come to work. These are individuals with full access to aircraft, inside and out.

That’s not to propose there are terrorists out there refueling and cleaning our planes, and if you ask me, preventing terrorism is the job of intelligence agents and law enforcement, not concourse security guards. But if we’re going to screen at all, can we please do it sensibly, and without a ludicrous double standard? Why are pilots and flight attendants paraded through metal detectors and X-ray machines, but not cleaners and caterers? ………………

That’s the acknowledged situation in the USA… I wonder if it’s any different in Europe.

Scared? Maybe a caravan holiday in the UK could be right for you…………..


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