On my own

The staff have all gone for a short break to Ireland. All of them. So I’m running things on my own.

We expected that this week would be quiet… almost all sales have been completed and there were no guests due in the cottage apartments.

However… no sooner had everyone departed on Monday morning…

1. Phone Call. “Morning, Mate, we’ll be delivering your ‘ot Tub this afternoon, will you have a couple of strong lads to help lift it?”

(This hot tub is to go in the garden between the cottage apartments… a touch of luxury to hopefully attract more bookings. It’s being delivered from Portsmouth, so that’s going to be a long day for the delivery lads)

2. Phone Call. “Can we come to take the photographs tomorrow, because the brochure goes to print on Friday”

(the brochure advertising the cottage apartments… one is completed and ready for use, the second is waiting for the furniture to arrive. At least the hot tub will be in place for the outdoor photos.)

3. Caller. “Have you got any caravans to rent till Friday?”

(“no, but I’ve got a lovely apartment you can have”… and a quick check shows that everything is in place, bed made, towels hung, so that’s one happy guest and a nice “ker-ching” from the till, I just hope that enough interior photos were taken last time.)

4. Sound Effect “Grrind…..crrruncchhh!”

(A delivery van has managed to collide with both of the exit gate posts – at the same time – now that takes some doing as they are 12 feet apart! Fortunately the concrete posts survive…)

5. “Where do you want this ‘ot tub, mate?”

(The hot tub is manouevred into position, and it takes me an hour to get rid of all the plastic and styrene packing)

By the end of all this it’s 7pm… and I’ve got 4 more days on my own till Pete, Yvonne & Dave get back from Ireland. And if they dare tell me how good it was…….

By the way, it wasn’t the van delivering the hot tub that hit the gate posts… it was a van belonging to a local firm that delivers here a couple of times a month.

I’m just going to have a look on the internet… I need a holiday!


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