Devon Days

I’ve just got back from spending a few days in Devon, with a few other North-West caravan park owners. We toured a caravan factory, and had a good look around a few caravan parks owned by members of the Devon branch of our Trade Association. The evenings saw much food and wine enjoyed by all.

As well as the social aspect, there was also a serious side to this tour… we have studied the way that other owners in our industry are developing their businesses, and have returned having exchanged quite a few ideas with each other.

It is almost certainly unique that within our industry, while we could all be competing against each other, instead we freely share ideas and knowledge, for the mutual benefit of all. A busy internet “bulletin board” keeps us in touch on a regular basis, while exchange visits like this mean that we can put a face to the name.

I’ve filled a camera memory card with pictures of ideas… from landscape features to improving the appearance of buildings, and even simple things like a well designed notice board with tourist information clearly displayed, arrows leading from the attraction’s leaflet to it’s location on a map.

No doubt this will just give the staff even more to do……


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    This sounds like a sensible way forward. Who said Capitalism was all dog-eat-dog? We share ideas between police forces, but it’s mainly ideas like -who can design the most complicated form etc. Great Blog as usual.

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