Grading Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Visit Britain (another semi Government multi-million pound organisation that used to be called the Tourist Board) have re-written the star grading criteria.

In the old days, if your average score was 3 stars, you were awarded 3 stars. You could have say 80% at 3 star, 15% at 4 star and 5% at 2 star.

Not any more. Now you get the lowest of the gradings. And I’m annoyed.

The first of our cottage apartments was graded last week. We scored 4 stars (“Very Good”) on 5 items, 3 stars (“Good”) on 28 items and 2 stars (“Quite Good”) on just 1 item.

Kitchen worktop space.

2 stars is “sufficient work surfaces and cupboards for practical use”. To get 3 stars it needs to be “more than adequate cupboard and worktop space.

So, for one small item, we get downgraded to 2 stars. I am well and truly fed up.

On the brighter side, our first apartment guests arrived this weekend and they are delighted.

I must get the microwave put on a wall bracket (to free worktop space) and ask for re-grading.

So near…… yet so far.


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    Re-grading requested… re-grading refused. Still, it’s better to be Two Star and give the customer more than they expected, than to be Three Star and risk disappointing the customer…

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