I truly do not belieeeeeve it!

The postman has just been. Because we are in the countryside, we get one delivery a day, and it is usually around lunchtime. In the post today is a cheque for the purchase price of a caravan.

Guess which caravan? That’s right. The one we sold twice yesterday. I do have others for sale… but it seems everyone wants the same one.

By the way… we can’t take a postal payment… there is a sales agreement which must be signed, which sets out the customer’s rights and obligations, and without a signed sales agreement we would be breaking the industry code of conduct, and leaving ourselves open to accusations that we had not informed the customer of his obligations.

There is no phone number with the cheque… just a note that “I will call soon”… so unless I can find a caravan to suit this customer, he will go away disappointed… and that way nobody is happy.

I obviously have not cashed his cheque….


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