Back… and busy too!

I landed back in Manchester at 8am on Monday morning, after a long, long flight.

3 hours from Miami to Chicago, 9 hours from Chicago to Manchester. Overnight. The dreaded “Red Eye” flight.

I slept most of the way… so I arrived refreshed. Normally, I go straight to bed for a few hours, but I thought I would go straight in to work.

I arrived at the caravan park at about 10am and within a few minutes it all started. A customer at the counter wanting to buy a caravan, and another customer on the phone 5 minutes later, wanting to buy the same caravan!

The rule of “first come, first served” was applied, and fortunately we were able to find another caravan suitable for the telephone buyer, so we kept both buyers happy, and boosted our bank account nicely too!

So that means goodbye to the overdraft for a few more months…….


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