Buy one, get one Free!

I was woken this morning to see a little ball of black and white fluff walking inquisitively along the duvet. “This is Tinker” says S.O. (significant other), performing the introductions. “Tinker is seven weeks and he has come to stay”.

So……….. a new kitten. But my suspicions are raised. When you have known S.O. for long enough, you know that her mind revolves almost completely around all things Disney. There is no character called Tinker……..

“So where’s Belle?” I ask. “Downstairs” comes the reply. I thought as much. S.O. never does things by halves.

It seems that we have adopted mother and son… Belle is 8 months old and a beautiful jet black. She is also very timid and has spent most of today behind the settee or under the coffee table.

Tinker is 7 weeks, black with white paws, and is a bit braver. He has spent most of the afternoon defending himself from the violent attacks of a ping pong ball, and then attacking said ball in revenge. No doubt he will sleep well tonight.

There were a few other name choices…….. my favourite was

Tesco (mum) and BOGOF (son)….. that’s Buy One Get One Free


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