Driving costs down

Why do we (or some of us… ie me) spend a fortune on cars?

In recent memory I have owned (and lost money on) a Land Rover, a BMW and two Mercedes.

A year or so ago, I bought a new 4×4 …. well, I am approaching that kind of age, after all, and the dealer gave me a good price, and I liked the colour, and they’re very safe you know, and the finance deals were very good……… (continues trying, vainly, to justify the purchase)

Having spent so much on a car, I began to worry about damaging the interior when doing odd jobs like taking lawn-mowers to be mended. So when a friend mentioned he was selling an old (R reg) Astra Van, I thought that it might be a good idea for carrying heavy and dirty things, to keep the new car pristine.

I have a new member of staff starting in a week, and as he will need use of a company vehicle, I put the Astra van in for a service and MOT. Total cost… 2 brake pads, one exhaust (rear section) and a new battery. On top of the 4 new tyres I bought when I got the van, it has cost me, to buy and maintain, in 18 months, less than £1200. That wouldn’t pay 2 months finance on the 4×4. Let alone the new road tax. The bodywork is still rust-free and everything works fine.

How’s that for great value motoring.


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