It’s starting to happen

It was a fairly quiet January, this year. Apart from maintenance work, we didn’t see many potential customers.

 February was a bit better, quite a few people came for a look around, but nobody reached for their credit cards.

Now we are in March, things have started to happen. So far we have sold three static holiday caravans and taken the first bookings for the cottage apartments.

The cottage apartments are a new thing for us… the old cottage that used to be occupied by the warden and his family has undergone conversion to three one-bedroomed apartments, which we are renting for holidays and short breaks. I don’t  really know where best to advertise these, so far I have tried ebay which seems to be generating a bit of interest… I’ll have to suck it and see.

Another quote from Henry Ford….. “Half my advertising works well. The only trouble is I don’t know which half.”

To be honest, advertising is quite like throwing mud against a wall. Some might stick, but you never know how much. I got prices from local radio stations, and the prices ranged from £5000 upwards. There are so many internet directories, I don’t know which to use. I guess I’ll stick with ebay for now, and see how it goes. Even if I have to discount the prices, it beats spending thousands on advertising.

I’ve got a headache, but that might have more to do with having a few drinks last night (… a few ???? …) than worrying about advertising. Still, I’m off on holiday next week, so a bit of sunshine might do me good. After all, it’s been four weeks since my last break, and it’s been 7-day weeks.

Hopefully I will come back from holiday to find a pile of apartment bookings and a couple of caravans sold.

I doubt that I’ll be allowed near the internet while I am away, so bear with me. Next post probably 21st or 22nd February.

If you want to read about my holiday, you could do worse than click on

Back soon!

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