Problems, Solutions, and a certain liquid…

7.30 pm. I’ve just got to do the daily health & safety checks in the leisure & fitness suite, and then I can go home. Out for dinner tonight, but I must remember not to drink too much.

I must remember not to drink too much…… I must remember to drink….. I must rememmmmm…….

Alan, the CORGI engineer, came today to look at the newly commissioned caravan. The hot water is only working some of the time.

I must drink to remember too much….. I must drink….. I must drink…..

It seems that the new electronic combi boilers are less tolerant of fluctuations in water pressure than the older boilers were. But apparently there have been some compatibility issues with certain shower taps, too. Don’t ask me what that means… I only work here.

 Alan has spoken to the boiler manufacturer’s service department and is to return tomorrow to hopefully fix the problem.

Anyway, today we are at least solving problems as well as discovering them… the lighting and the wi-fi are now working perfectly. As I suspected, the fault was related to the lamp post that was moved. It was re-installed with the electrical connectors buried in the ground alongside the lamp post, while the connectors should have been a couple of feet up inside the hollow column. One hour’s work and a new set of connectors, and everything is hunky-dory. Customers can use their computers, and they can go for a walk without tripping over in the dark. Maybe not both at the same time, though.

I must remember…. I must remember…. remember what?

An internet search has led to a supplier of damp proofing materials, and as soon as they come we can deal with the bathroom in “Foxglove Cottage”, which is the first of our three cottage apartments to be completed. It was finished in January, and within 5-6 weeks there was damp showing in one corner of the bathroom walls. At first we thought it was damp following cutting the wall open to install pipes, but it seems to be damp from condensation, made worse by a faulty extractor fan.

Solution… a new fan, more ventilation, and mould-proof emulsion paint from the good people at

The leak in the reception roof has been repaired, so it’s safe to leave papers on the counter without arriving at work the next day to find a pile of papier-mache where the post was.

There are still jobs for me….

There are two failed lamps in the leisure & fitness suite, so I need to order replacements from the electrical wholesaler. It will take about 5 minutes to fit them so that is nice and simple.

I must remember….. I must remember…. what must I remember….

The countdown is commencing….. I finish work next Monday for a week’s holiday. I just wonder how many problems will (a) arrive and (b) be solved before I go. More importantly… will (a) be bigger than (b) ?

I must remember…… I must remember…… No, I’ve forgotten. Time for a pint. See you at the bar.


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