Wi-Fi woes

Last year, we opened the cheque book and spent quite a bit of money on installing a wi-fi “hot spot” network covering the whole of the caravan park. Our customers can now access the internet from their caravans and the system has proved very popular.

While the system itself has been very reliable, we have had a couple of glitches that aren’t the fault of the system itself.

Regular readers will probably already know about Alan’s skill in locating pipes and cables with his spade…. towards the end of last year we lost the wi-fi coverage on part of the park when he cut through a cable and blacked out the car park lights .

The wi-fi repeaters at present take their power from the same circuit, although this is to change soon. Hopefully very soon. Just as soon as the electrician can make it, in fact.

During our “battle of the somme” we had to move a lamp-post to move a caravan past, and it now appears that it has not been put back correctly. It keeps blowing a circuit breaker, and this cuts the power to the wi-fi repeaters too.

Tomorrow morning, weather permitting, a little spot of digging is called for, and perhaps a small electrical repair, and then everything should be fine again. In the meantime, some caravans have wi-fi, but some don’t. Not the best start to the new season.

I can’t blame Alan this time…. he didn’t move the lamp-post.

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