In a good cause

Just a few words of support for our local hospice.

Queenscourt Hospice did a wonderful job looking after my father in his last days, and they truly deserve support.

Last year, a collection box on my counter raised £116, I helped with a raffle at one of Ken Dodd’s shows which raised £450,  and my wife organised an auction of a cuddly toy which raised £60. A website I set up as a joke, , raised another £120.

That makes around £750…. but it costs over a million £’s a year to run the Hospice.

This year we are running a bingo game (numbers drawn daily, like the newspaper games) to raise funds for Queenscourt Hospice.

The good work performed by Hospices is again in the forefront of my mind, as we lost one of our caravan owners just a couple of days ago. Aged 63, he fought a battle with cancer for a few years, and his final days were made comfortable by his local Hospice.

Amongst all the hype of the National Lottery and scratchcards, it is easy to forget the valuable, unsung work that Hospices provide. Maybe, if you’ve just won £10 on the lottery, you might share your good fortune with a fiver for your local hospice.

A couple of links for you to click……

They even run their own lottery… so for £1 a week you could win £2000!

Bribery…. well, you will get a very rare whisky glass as a thank-you.

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