He who hesitates……….

Customers can sometimes be like buses…. none for ages, then several come all at the same time.

In August last year I had three customers for the same caravan on the same day. It had been up for sale for a couple of months, a few people had looked, but nobody had reached for their credit card. I arrived one morning at about 10am, to find a deposit cheque on my desk… the buyer had been served by the Warden at about 8.30 that morning, on her way into work.

At 11 – ish, a gentleman turned up. “That caravan I looked at last week”, he said “How much deposit do you need on it?” “Sorry, it’s just been sold” I replied. Just before 5pm, the phone rang. “I looked at a caravan a couple of weeks ago, can I come with a deposit tomorrow?”

So….. two disappointed customers, who were just too late… and myself with fingers crossed hoping that the deposit cheque clears.

I’ve got a feeling that the same is about to happen again…. I have three customers who have looked at the same caravan. One wants to come tomorrow to take another look. Another wants to come with a relative on Saturday. One has just phoned to ask how much deposit we need, and says he will be round on Sunday.

To keep things anonymous, lets call them “Mr&Mrs Friday”, “Ms Saturday” and “Mr&Mrs Sunday”.  I’ll let you know the result of the race next week.

Of coure, it is entirely possible that none of them will actually reach for their wallet…..

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