A sigh of relief

Isn’t it amazing how a bit of sunshine makes everything so much better?

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was having insurance worries, stock problems, and the caravan park looked like the aftermath of a particularly muddy Hippo’s 18th birthday party.

Today, the ground is raked, grass seed sprinkled everywhere (to the delight of the birds), the gardens are weeded and planted, even the gravel car park has been raked over.

Potential customers have started responding to our adverts, phoning for brochures and some even visiting for a look round. Hopefully some will be reaching for their Credit Cards before long, and I can hear the music of the till.

Yesterday we emptied, cleaned and re-filled the Jacuzzi and, with all fingers crossed, switched on. It had been reported as “out of order” just before the end of last season, and I was expecting a hefty repair bill for something like a new pump. Well, as we switched on, nothing happened. After a short period, nothing continued to happen.

“OK, off with the inspection cover” I say, aware that it is tea-time already, and with a sinking heart.

Under the cover, I discover a small red button marked “safety cut out – press to reset”. I duly press, there is a click, and everything springs to life. Bromine is added to the water (to keep it healthy and safe) and the heater is turned on.

It’s not quite up to temperature yet, but you can guess where I will be after work tomorrow…………..

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  1. 1

    dickiebo said,

    Gosh. I wish that I was technical like you! ‘Twould have cost me a fortune for an ‘expert’ to fix it.

  2. 2

    That reminds me of the old plumbers bill…. the plumber mended a boiler with a blow of his hammer and sent a bill for £40.

    When the customer queried the bill, the plumber sent an itemised bill.

    To: hitting boiler with hammer…… £1
    To: knowing where to hit boiler with hammer……. £39

    I didn’t really know what to do…. I just saw a button and pressed it!

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