Size Matters

Q: When is 35 feet not 35 feet?

A: When it’s 36 feet and 3 inches.

People born after 1965 should ignore this posting, as it is written in “old money”. If you’re old enough….. read on. 

We recently ordered a “Freestyle 352” caravan as demonstrator stock, and the supplying distributor took a look at the vacant pitch that was allocated for it.

“I don’t think it will fit”, says he.

“It’s a 35 foot caravan, isn’t it”, says I, “that’s what the 35 in 352 stands for” (the 2 represents 2 bedrooms)

“Ah” he says. “It can be misleading”.

Just as the BMW 318 is a 3 series car with a 2 litre engine, and the Mercedes ML350 has a 3.8 litre engine (the ML with a 3.5 litre engine was called the ML320….. go figure), it seems that a 35 foot long caravan (which is 36 feet 3 inches) will not fit onto a 35 foot long pitch (which is 35 feet 9 inches).

When men get together, and the talk turns, after a few beers, to size, it must be admitted that sizes do sometimes get exaggerated. This just seems to be the same phenomenon, in reverse.

Anyway, there is a happy ending….. I have ordered a 28 foot long “Savannah”. If that doesn’t fit onto a 35 foot pitch, I’m a dutchman.

Waarom deze caravan niet zal passen?


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