Dearest Daughter

DD is about to turn 17, and is desperate to get behind the wheel of a car. She presented me with her shortlist of preferred cars (ie birthday present list) which went as follows.

1st choice. VW Golf GTi in Black.     2nd Choice. Black VW Golf Gti.     3rd Choice. Any VW Golf as long as it’s Black.

I calmly explained the principle of “insurance groups” and “hot hatchbacks” and suggested that she set her sights a bit lower.

A Hyundai Atos, for example. Or a Citroen Berlingo van.

When the tears had subsided, she agreed to leave it to me “as long as it’s not a Berlingo”.

A search of Auto Trader has led me to a Rover 100 (the face-lifted Metro) in mint condition with low mileage with 12 months MOT. And, as is usual with young drivers, I took a deep breath before getting insurance quotes. DD is to be taught to drive by SO (Significant Other) who has infinitely more patience than me. SO is also a less “nervous” passenger. First quotes were in the £1200 region, but with shopping around, we found quotes at £900 and……. wait for it……… £399 !!!!!!!!!

I am absolutely delighted with the quote…. it’s less than twice the premium I paid when I was 17. And that was a long time ago.

For those who would like a clue as to exactly how long ago I was 17……. my first car was a Hillman Imp. And my second car was a DAF44variomatic. If any reader is unfortunate enough to have personal memories of these cars, please leave a message.

Power steering? Airbags? CD player? Central locking? Not likely!

Kids today…… they don’t know they’re born!


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    TotallyUn-Pc said,

    ha ha. brilliant pondery.

    My kids panic when the sky plus is on the blink. I have to tell em that once upon a time, families only ever had one car, and when you wanted to change channels on the tv you had to walk over to it!

    they think I’m a mentalist!

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